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Community Concerts
In 2021, I received support from Edmonton Arts Council & the City of Edmonton 
to present 100 community concerts between May and September.  

Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions from the spring remained in place until June 11th.
But between then and October 24th, I managed to reach the goal of 100 concerts.

Here is a list of the Brass Monkey Community Concerts presented in 2021.

 Date Artist Location Attendees
 June 11th Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes  Highlands 50
 June 12th Kimberley MacGregor  w/ Elliot Thomas Riverbend 40
 June 13th Dana Wylie w/ Kirsten Elliott Old Strathcona 60
 June 13th Dana Wylie w/ Kirsten Elliott Beverly 15
 June 16th Dana Wylie w/ Kirsten Elliott Norwood 25
 June 18th Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Lynnwood 30
 June 19th Dana Wylie & friends Riverbend 50
 June 19th Dana Wylie & friends Old Strathcona 50
 June 20th Arlo Maverick & friends Old Strathcona 30
 June 20th Arlo Maverick & friends Beverly 15
 June 23rd Rebecca Lappa Old Strathcona 30
 June 24th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Old Strathcona 40
 June 25th Maria Dunn w/ Shannon Johnson Lynnwood 30
 June 26th Arlo Maverick & Rich Echo Riverbend 40
 June 27th Scott Cook & the Indoorables Old Strathcona 30
 June 27th Scott Cook & the Indoorables Beverly 20
 July 1st Karen Shepherd Riverbend 20
 July 1st Arlo Maverick & Rich Echo Riverbend 30
 July 2nd Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Sherwood 20
 July 3rd Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld  Riverbend 20
 July 3rd Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Kernohan 30
 July 4th Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Old Strathcona 50
 July 4th Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Beverly 25
 July 8th AV (Ann Vriend) & Inner City Old Strathcona 60
 July 9th Arlo Maverick & friends Ottewell 20
 July 10th Maria Dunn / Shannon Johnson Riverbend 80
 July 10th Maria Dunn w/ Shannon Johnson Old Strathcona 40
 July 11th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Old Strathcona 30
 July 11th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Beverly 20
 July 15th VISSIA Old Strathcona 30
 July 16th Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Killarney 50
 July 17th Laurelle & C-Note Riverbend 30
 July 17th Steve & Stella Johnson McCauley 30
 July 18th The Ancient Jammers Old Strathcona 25
July 18th  The Ancient JammersBeverly  15
 July 21st Bill Bourne w/ Paul Steffes Keheewin 80
 July 23rd Dale Ladouceur & Broke Ensemble Highlands 30
 July 24th Dale Ladouceur & Broke Ensemble Riverbend 50
 July 25th Bill Bourne Old Strathcona 35
 July 25th Joe Nolan Beverly 30
 July 29th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Old Strathcona 25
 July 30th Braden Gates Killarney 30
 July 31st Shelley Jones Trio Riverbend 40
 August 1st Rebecca Lappa Old Strathcona 15
 August 1st Rebecca Lappa Riverdale 10
 August 5th Kimberley MacGregor w/ Elliot Thomas Old Strathcona 30
 August 6th Tzadeka Old Strathcona 30
 August 7th Ariane Mahryke Lemire Riverbend 20
 August 8th Picture the Ocean Old Strathcona 20
 August 8th Picture the Ocean Riverdale 20
 August 12th Karen Shepherd Old Strathcona 12
 August 13th Dana Wylie & friends Killarney 20
 August 14th AV (Ann Vriend) & Inner City Riverbend 50
 August 14th AV (Ann Vriend) & Inner City Kernohan 30
 August 15th Dana Wylie w/ Kirsten Elliott Old Strathcona 25
 August 15th Dana Wylie & friends Riverdale 50
 August 19th Laurelle & C-Note Old Strathcona 25
 August 20th VISSIA Highlands 50
 August 21st Dale Ladouceur & Broke Ensemble Riverbend 15
 August 22nd Arlo Maverick & friends Riverdale 10
 August 25th Maria Dunn w/ Shannon Johnson Keheewin 100
 August 26th Back Porch Swing Old Strathcona 50
 August 27th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Killarney 20
 August 28th Joe Nolan Riverbend 15
 August 28th Joe Nolan Kernohan 50
 August 29th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Old Strathcona 30
 August 29th Kevin Cook w/ Cam Neufeld Riverdale  50
 Sep. 4th Tzadeka Riverbend 20 
 Sep. 5th Joe Nolan Old Strathcona 25
 Sep. 5th Joe Nolan Riverdale 40
 Sep. 6th Brett Miles Old Strathcona 20
 Sep. 6th Nadine Kellman Old Strathcona 30
 Sep. 6th Arlo Maverick & friends Old Strathcona 35
 Sep. 8th Dana Wylie Keheewin 30
 Sep. 9th Leo Martinez Old Strathcona 35 
 Sep. 10th Billie Zizi Killarney 30
 Sep. 11th Back Porch Swing Riverbend 15
 Sep. 12th Kimberley MacGregor w/ Elliot Thomas Old Strathcona 15
 Sep. 12th Kimberley MacGregor w/ Elliot Thomas Riverdale 20
 Sep. 15th Tzadeka Riverdale  30
 Sep. 17th Kimberley MacGregor & friends Highlands 40
 Sep. 18th Kimberley MacGregor w/ Elliot Thomas Riverbend 20
 Sep. 18th Kimberley MacGregor w/ Elliot Thomas Kernohan 20
 Sep. 19th Dale Ladouceur & Broke Ensemble Old Strathcona 40
 Sep. 19th Dale Ladouceur & Broke Ensemble Riverdale  20
 Sep. 22nd Joe Nolan Keheewin 20
 Sep. 25th AV (Ann Vriend) & Inner City Killarney 30
 Sep. 26th Ken Stead Old Strathcona 30
 Sep. 26th Ken Stead  Riverdale 30
 Sep. 29th Maria Dunn & Phyllis Sinclair Riverdale 100
 Sep. 30th Roschkov & Bordeaux Old Strathcona 40
 Oct. 2nd Dana Wylie w/ Kirsten Elliott Old Strathcona 30
 Oct. 3rd Braden Gates Riverdale 70
 Oct. 9th Nadine Kellman Old Strathcona 35
 Oct. 16th Ken Stead Old Strathcona 30
 Oct. 24th Joe Nolan Riverdale 50
 Total   3312

The concerts in 2021 raised over $25,000 in donations for performers.
Many thanks to Edmonton Arts Council & the City of Edmonton 
for making this concert series possible.

In 2020, I was able to present or co-present 70 porch concert block parties
between late-April and early-October. 

Approximately 3000 people attended these shows and over $20,000
was raised for musicians who would have otherwise had no work.

Date Artist Location attendees

April 25th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Norwood 20
April 29th Steven Johnson Old Strathcona 30
May 2nd Bill Bourne Beverly 30
May 5th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Meadowlark 50
May 6th Mikhail Sherris Old Strathcona 30
May 7th Steven & Stella Johnson Sherwood Park 10
May 7th Steven & Stella Johnson Sherwood Park 30
May 9th Kevin Cook & Cam Neufeld Norwood 30
May 16th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Ellerslie 40
May 17th Steven Johnson Old Strathcona 20
May 17th Steven & Stella Johnson McCauley 40
May 24th Dana Wylie & Kirsten Elliott McCauley 40
May 24th Jason Kodie Highlands 60
May 25th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Lynnwood 50
May 27th Steven & Stella Johnson Downtown 20
May 28th Steven & Stella Johnson Sherwood Park 30
May 30th Arlo Maverick Ellerslie 40
May 31st Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Sherwood Park 30
June 2nd Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Highlands 50
June 4th Tom Roschkov Old Strathcona 30
June 14th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Old Strathcona 50
June 19th Dana Wylie Meadowlark 30
June 20th Tom Roschkov Norwood 30
June 25th Kevin Cook & Cam Neufeld Highlands 40
July 4th Steve Johnson & Johnny Bordeaux
Norwood 20
July 18th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Cloverdale 40
July 19th Kevin Cook & Cam Neufeld Cloverdale 30
July 22nd Scott Cook & the Indoorables Cloverdale 140
July 31st Hush Hush Noise Old Strathcona 50
August 1st Hush Hush Noise Meadowlark 50
August 1st Tom Roschkov & friends Downtown 20
August 2nd Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Sherwood Park 30
August 3rd Leo Martinez Old Strathcona 40
August 9th Dana Wylie & Kirsten Elliott Old Strathcona 50
August 9th Dana Wylie & Kirsten Elliott Sherwood Park 15
August 12th Back Porch Swing Lynnwood 30
August 14th Leo Martinez Allendale 60
August 15th Kaya Old Strathcona 15
August 16th Kaya Meadowlark 15
August 16th Arlo Maverick Sherwood Park 20
August 19th Scott Cook Highlands 50
August 20th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Athlone 30
August 21st Maddie Storvold Allendale 50
August 23rd Laurelle & Carl Stretton Old Strathcona 30
August 23rd Back Porch Swing Sherwood Park 25
August 27th Stella, Steve & Leo McCauley 30
August 28th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Allendale 80
August 29th Tom Roschkov Norwood 20
August 29th Maria Dunn Beverly 40
September 3rd Leo Martinez Athlone 15
September 4th Tatum Reeves Allendale 75
September 6th Scott Cook & the Indoorables Sherwood Park 30
September 10th Dana Wylie Athlone 20
September 11th Kimberley MacGregor Allendale 70
September 13th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Riverbend 40
September 13th Kimberley MacGregor Sherwood Park 15
September 16th Kimberley MacGregor Beverly 40
September 17th Kevin Cook & Cam Neufeld Riverbend 30
September 18th Anne Vriend Allendale 80
September 19th Maria Dunn Lynnwood 60
September 19th Scott Cook & the Indoorables Riverbend 80
September 20th Maddie Storvold Beverly 30
September 20th Arlo Maverick Sherwood Park 20
September 23rd Maria Dunn Riverbend 60
September 25th Scott Cook & the Indoorables Allendale 150
September 26th Ann Vriend Riverbend 60
September 26th Arlo Maverick Riverbend 80
September 27th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Sherwood Park 25
October 2nd Joe Nolan Allendale 150
October 5th Bill Bourne & Paul Steffes Hazeldean 100

Total 3000